Vitjaz’ vintage soviet mechanical alarm clock – BLUE, 3.7 inches diameter


Original soviet mechanical alarm clock with manual movement


Ships out from 🇺🇦Ukraine with tracking number

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Out of stock



Vintage soviet mechanical  alarm clock Vitjaz



Vintage stylish classic table top mechanical alarm clock.


Produced on Rostov Watch Factory(Soviet Russia) till 1990s.


Great as interior item in cottage cabins, as well as good for use in it’s direct function as an alarm.


The clock is mechanical and does not need batteries to operate.


Original soviet “Витязь” with mechanical lever movement and manual winding.



CASE HIGHT 110mm (4.33in)

CASE DIAMETER 94mm( 3.7in)

CASE THICKNESS 61mm (2.4in)

TYPE  Mechanical


FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Alarm



Clock has been fully serviced by a professional watchmaker and keeps time well.

Ships out from Ukraine (with tracking number) usually within the same business day

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About the factory

Rostov watch Factory (Ростовский часовой завод, РЧЗ) was founded in 1955 in the city of Roston-on-Don, USSR.

Most popular models of alarms produced were«Витязь»-6373 и «Витязь» 6375.

A number of alarm clocks were exported abroad under the names «ROSTOV», «PRINCE», «Serkisof garanti».

In 1994 the watch manufacturing ceased, the factory continues production of high-precision mechanisms almost exclusively for military use.

Ростовский часовой завод