TIME CAPSULE: Molnija table clock (NOS) – 9 days power reserve!


Vintage Molnija table clock with manual movement

House & dog on chain design


Ships from Ukraine with tracking number usually within the same business day

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Vintage soviet MOLNIJA clock



Vintage Molnija clock is manufactured on Chelyabinsk Watch Factory “Molnija”


The watch is mechanical and does not need batteries to operate.

Soviet “Molnija” mechanical lever movement with manual wind.

Collector’s red alert: TIME CAPSULE!

Once is a while a NOS gem is unearthed – original vintage watch, in unused condition, complete with it’s box and papers.

Items like these are rare, they take us back in time, like a TIME CAPSULE!

Such items so far show appreciation in value over time.

Get it while you can!

BASE PLATE 193mm x 56mm

HEIGHT 180mm

TYPE  Mechanical

WEIGHT 0.64kg

FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes


Watch went through a complete service by a professional watch tech and is keeps good time.


Comes complete with box and passport!

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This watch ships out from Ukraine (with tracking number) usually within the same business day!

About the watch factory

The Molnija clock and watch factory was opened on November 17, 1947. The company’s main customer was then the Soviet Union Department of Defense, providing them with wrist watches, pocket watches and table clocks.
Unique clocks were also produced specifically for use in Soviet tanks, fighter aircraft, submarines and, eventually, spacecraft.

The company ceased production in October 2007.

Other famous brand produced by the factory are: Molnija, Ural, Iskra, Kristal.