Slava soviet mechanical vintage watch with MIG


Original mechanical Slava watch with manual winding

Ships from Ukraine with tracking number usually within the same business day

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Mechanical SLAVA wrist watch, 21 jewels

Made in Russia


This is a classic men’s wristwatch “SLAVA” (“Glory” from russian).


Lovely vintage watch made by 2nd Moscow Watch factory.



The watch is mechanical and does not need batteries to operate.


Original SLAVA watch has mechanical lever movement and manual winding.


YEARS 1990s

CASE SIZE 41mm x 40mm(with crown)



TYPE  Mechanical


FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Calendar



Watch went through a complete service by a professional watch tech and keeps good time.


Comes with NAGATA leather strap included.

This watch ships out from Ukraine with tracking number usually within the same business day!


We urge everyone stop buying (those few) products made in Putin’s Russia as not to sponsor the terrorist state.


The few watches labeled “Made in russia” in our inventory were purchased in Ukraine at some point in the past.

100% of sales revenue from russian made watches will be donated to Ukrainian Armed Forces

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About the watch factory

Slava (Russian: Cлава, meaning “Glory”) watches were classic “civil” Russian watches commonly referred to as “Slava Lava!”.

The Slava factory (known originally as the Second Moscow Watch Factory) was the second non-military watch maker established in the Soviet Union, in 1924.

The watches of this brand have always been meant for civilian consumption, without military or aerospace pretensions. As of today the factory no longer produces.

2nd Moskow watch factory facade