Signal vintage mechanical watch with alarm function


Original Soviet mechanical vintage SIGNAL watch with manual winding


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Signal mechanical watch from the early 1960s – 18 jewels.



Beautiful vintage watch manufactured on 1st Moscow Watch Factory

After World War II, the First State Watch Factory focused heavily on wristwatch production. This lead to a proliferation of discrete brands in the 1950s, all powered by First Moscow Watch Factory movements. These brands included Antarktida, Kirovskie, Kosmos, Mayak, Moskva, Orbita, Pobeda, Poljus, Rodina, Signal, Sportivnie, Sputnik, Stolichnie, Strela, Sturmanskie, and Vympel.

The Signal brand (Сигнал) was first introduced in 1959 as the first mechanical alarm watch ever produced in the USSR. The 18-jewel caliber 2612 was based on the A. Schild caliber AS 1475. The Soviet incarnation was a strong, reliable, and accurate movement that would continue to be produced for many decades with only minor alterations.

The most notable feature of this watch was the dual-crown setup. The top crown winds and sets the alarm; the special alarm hand/sub-dial help adjust the alarm time to the nearest 15-minute interval. (One quirk of the caliber 2612 is that the alarm hand can only be set counter-clockwise.) The bottom crown behaves normally for winding the mainspring and setting the current time.

The Signal brand was retired in 1964, when all individual First Moscow Watch Factory brands were consolidated under a single trademark: Poljot. However, alarm watches continued to be produced for over four more decades under the Poljot name.


The watch is mechanical and does not need batteries to operate.


Original soviet “Signal” has mechanical lever movement and manual winding.


YEARS early 1960s

CASE SIZE 41.5x34mm



TYPE  Mechanical


FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds
Mechanical lever movement
Manual winding



Watch has been fully serviced by a professional watchmaker and keeps good time.


Comes with 18mm Nagata strap included.

This watch ships out from🇺🇦 Ukraine with tracking number

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About the watch factory

1st Moscow Watch Factory – named “1.MWF “Kirov”” from 1935 till 1964(renamed to POLJOT afterwards) – the biggest and oldest of soviet watch factories.
Russian watches have a rich and interesting history dating back over 80 years with the creation of the First Moscow Watch Factory, which today manufactures Poljot watches.

A highlight of Russia’s watch history came in 1961 when cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin took the first ever flight into space with a watch from the First Moscow Watch Factory.

POLJOT Brand History

Watches branded ‘Kirovskie’ were among the first wristwatches produced at the famous 1st Moscow Watch Factory Kirov.

The early watches have the old factory mark around the 6: “1МЧЗ им Кирова”.

The 1MWF also manufactured early Pobeda watches, Sturmanskie (the first watch in space), Rodina, Sputnik, the first Komandirskies, and finally Poljot watches, for which they’re probably best known.