Genuine leather strap for Kirovskie K43 type 1 (strap only)



  • Handmade item
  • Material: Genuine Leather
  • Made in Ukraine by Dolmatov

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Genuine leather strap for Kirovskie K43 type 1 vintage watch


This is handmade leather wristband with a metal buckle for a K43 type watch.

The leather is genuine and very thick that means the strap will serve you very long! It is made as an exact copy of similar straps of WWI times.


Heavy duty strap is hand made from thick natural leather.


Proudly handcrafted in Ukraine by Dolmatov – artisan’s seal is on the strap.



With K43 watch (shown for reference only)


Color: Black
Size: 275mm length (+/- 5mm)
Lug width: 16mm


*Please note that watch is only shown as an example and in not included with strap.

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With K43 watch (shown for reference only)

Additional information


white stitch

Lug Width

16mm, 18mm

Other info

WeAreAble is Ukrainian brand name creating stylish backpacks, clothing and accessories for genuine leather. Creative process never stops at WeAreAble, the influences are a mix of traditional british, Americana and Soviet vintage.