Excellent KRISTALL vintage soviet pocket watch from 1961


Original Soviet mechanical vintage Kristall watch with manual winding


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KRISTALL vintage soviet pocket watch, 17 jewels



Manufactured on Chelyabinsk Watch Factory “Molnija”, USSR.


Kristall pocket watches were a sub-type of Molnija pocket watches, produced at Chelyabinsk Watch Factory from 1955 to 1967. Aside from the brand on the dial (Кристалл, meaning “crystal”), these watches were distinguished by their movement: a higher-grade version of the Molnija 3602 which included a ‘swallowtail’ micro-regulator for precision adjustment and improved timekeeping.


This particular watch is manufactured in 3rd quarter on 1961.


The watch is mechanical and does not need batteries to operate.


Original soviet “Kristall” has mechanical lever movement and manual winding.


YEARS 1950s


CASE LENGTH 51mm(incl. the crown)


TYPE  Mechanical

MOVEMENT on 17 ruby jewels

FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds


Watch went through a complete service by a professional watch tech and is keeps good time.


Comes complete with chain

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About the watch factory

The Molnija clock and watch factory was opened on November 17, 1947. The company’s main customer was then the Soviet Union Department of Defense, providing them with wrist watches, pocket watches and table clocks.
Unique clocks were also produced specifically for use in Soviet tanks, fighter aircraft, submarines and, eventually, spacecraft.

The company ceased production in October 2007.

Other famous brand produced by the factory are: Molnija, Ural, Iskra, Kristal.