🇵🇭 Soviet POBEDA mechanical watch, ZIM

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Original Soviet mechanical vintage POBEDA watch with manual winding


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POBEDA mechanical wrist watch – ZIM


Legendary Soviet brand trademark POBEDA.

This particular watch is made on Maslennikov Factory (Завод имени Масленникова).


Based on a French design, the Pobeda’s simple, 15-jewel movement was cost-effective, reliable, and easy to manufacture and maintain. Full-scale production commenced at the First Moscow Watch Factory. Joseph Stalin chose the name Pobeda (Victory) to celebrate the end of the war.



The watch is mechanical and does not need batteries to operate.


Original soviet watch has mechanical lever movement and manual winding.



CASE SIZE 40x35mm(with crown)



TYPE  Mechanical


FUNCTIONS Hours, Minutes, Seconds

2 central hands (hour and minute) and separate seconds one

Mechanical lever movement

Manual winding



Watch been fully serviced by a professional watchmaker and keeps time well.


Comes with free steel bracelet.

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About the watch factory

soviet flag over Berlin Reichstag

POBEDA Brand History

The brand name Pobeda was chosen by Stalin himself in April 1945, he gave the order that the first watches be ready for the 1st year of Victory celebration.

The first prototype came out of the Penza factory by the end of 1945, and the first model for the public came out of the Kirov Watch Factory in March 1946.


In the Soviet Union, a product brand was not necessarily exclusive to a particular manufacturing site (this changed though in the 60’s when each factory got its own brands), and during its lifetime, production of Pobeda watches was shifted between the following plants:
• Penza Watch Factory (Пензенский Часовой Завод): for a few years from 1945
• First Moscow Watch Factory (Первый Московский Часовой Завод): 1946 to 1953
• Petrodvorets Watch Factory (Петродворцовый Часовой Завод): 1946 to nowadays
• Chistopol Watch Factory (Чистопольский часовой завод): 1949 to the c.1950
• Second Moscow Watch Factory (Второй московский часовой завод): 1953 to 1964
• Maslennikov Factory (Завод имени Масленникова): c.1951 to 2004

pobeda vintage soviet watch